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Does managing your business, HR Department, and employee relations feel like you’re in the chess match of your life? The employment relationship is critical. It is how people put food on their tables, roofs over their heads, and, sometimes, meaning in their lives. It should be free of unlawful discrimination and in compliance with the law. When it is, and when combined with good management, the workers thrive, and their organizations prosper. Compliance and good management should profit the organization. When that fails, sometimes we help with compliance or we must prove the matter in court, and our lawyers have what it takes to succeed.

Rocke Law helps employers comply with the law and encourages dignity in the employment relationship.

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Our attorneys understand Washington, as well as, federal employment laws. We know how to protect you and your business.

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At Rocke Law, we put business owners first. Our job is to understand how your business operates, identify potential issues and pitfalls, and most importantly to help you protect yourself, your assets, and your business from unneeded legal issues. We have decades of experience working with medium to large businesses throughout the state of Washington, and we have even assisted large global corporations and well-known fortune 500 companies.

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Protecting You and Your Employees

Your company is growing, and you have good people surrounding you that are fueling your growth. Your people are an extension of you and your company. In today’s complex environment of everchanging employee regulations, both State and Federal, complying can feel like a chess match that is unwinnable. Your H. R. department may be having a challenging time understanding and complying with the volume and complexity of employee regulations your company faces. Making sure that your employees are happy and that you are complying with the law are truly one of the keys to your success. We have been helping Washington companies for years to navigate through the regulations to ensure that employees know that you care and that you are protected from unnecessary litigation brought about by non-compliance and distracting employment issues.

Be Proactive Against Government and Employee Actions

We have extensive experience in working with business leaders and your H.R. department to proactively create employee policies and practices that fit your unique workplace. This will help you avoid the pitfalls of Government actions and employee complaints. In the event that a complaint is brought against your company, we have extensive experience in both the Federal and State agencies and courts defending our clients vigorously.

Letting Employees Go While Mitigating Legal Exposure

Being proactive in today’s highly regulated and litigious business environment can better protect you from employee complaints and actions before they happen. An example of the first call we get is a call from a business leader saying, “We need to fire an employee and HR told us we should talk to your first.” Proactive employers have the answers and procedures to handle these situations before the need for an attorney arises.

Experience Where and When it Counts

If you get into the situation of the government having launched an investigation into your company for an alleged violation, Aaron Rocke and his associates have extensive experience in dealing with the following governmental agencies and courts:

  1. EEOC
  2. Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights
  3. Washington State Human Rights Commission (WHRC)
  4. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I)
  5. Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD)
  6. Washington State Courts
  7. Federal Courts

For 20 years, Aaron Rocke and his associates have been helping companies just like yours with employee and regulatory issues. Call us today to see how we can help you protect what you have built.


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