Working With Us

We have a lot of process to do our best to hire only the right people for the right positions, and we hope you work with us for years. So, we invest time and resources training you and developing you as a professional. Yet, our protégés have gone on to started the own businesses or worked for other great employers.

Why This firm?

We foster and restore dignity in the workplace through sound advice and litigation. When representing management for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, we encourage humanitarian employment policies and practices to bring out the best in workers, and we defend litigation knowing meritless claims hurt everyone and set back civil rights. We also litigate business-to-business disputes (i.e., commercial litigation), especially breach of contract, unfair competition, and sale of a business. When representing employees of big businesses, we advise on whether a noncompete agreement is valid or whether to accept a severance agreement, and we litigate the select claims of unlawful employment decisions. We represent management of small businesses and nonprofit organizations, and employees of big businesses. So, attorneys who view the world in hyper-partisan terms are not a good fit.

We are for the client and the community. Our confident humility focuses the attention where it should be: what is best for the client. Big egos and people who need to be the superstar in the room do not fit in here. Lawyers have direct client contact and autonomy within the framework to make decisions and do their best work over their own cases.

We are a growing firm, so there is opportunity to grow with us. We have a culture of striving and learning, so people uninterested in their own development will feel out of place and constantly bothered. You will have professional development interviews in which you tell firm management what your personal goals are and how the firm can help you improve. We seek people who want a seat at the table and have a contribution to offer.

Compensation is competitive, but not the highest in the city. Benefits include health insurance (for medical, dental, and vision), 401(k) matching, ORCA, paid leave, and remote work policies. Once on board, we spend time, energy, and money training team members.

Open Positions?

We expect to hire an Associate Attorney this fall and collecting applications here.

What’s Next?

We have an unusual process. We do not think there are good and bad candidates. Instead, we look to match the strengths of the candidate with the role we have. We spend a lot of time to find the right candidate. Candidates often tell us that our process is more intense than any other they’ve experienced. 

If you have a resume and writings sample prepared, please share it. For attorneys with fewer than six years in practice, we are interested in your law school class rank. Although we are sensitive that your current employer may not know you are interviewing, we will ask the candidate to arrange for reference checks with former supervisors (or partners) and opposing counsel that we choose. Expect more than one interview. You may also be asked to take a personality survey.